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Apresa supports Hosted SIP, ShoreTel, Mitel MiVoice, Mitel 3300, MiNET, NEC, Panasonic, SIPREC & MS TEAMS, and Installations in Azure & AWS and much more…

Looking for a recording solution with almost universal compatibility? Whether you use hosted IP, MS Teams or one of the major PBX’s?

Worried about the cost of implementing call recording for MiFIDIIGDPR , ICO & PCI DSS?

Does your company require a fully integrated call recording solution that includes Agent Evaluation, Call Statistics & Screen recording without the usual complexities and costs associated with system upgrades on Windows platforms?

Do you need to transcribe and or find words of interest in your recorded calls? Fill in our VoiceCrunch Speech Analytics form and see how we can help improve your business.

We manufacture, develop, design, supply, install, and support a wide range of telecom solutions.

If reliability, resilience, and High Availability are important to you, then look no further than Vidicode UK.

For smaller recording requirements try the V-Tap range.

PCI Compliance with Call Recorder Apresa

PCI Compliance can be an expensive add-on for voice recording solutions with CTI and TAPI licenses needed as well as the cost of the recorder and PCI feature.

Vidicode UK can help……..

The Apresa not only has screen recording and Agent Evaluation; it also provides users with 4 different modes to be PCI compliant:

  • DTMF
  • PC Application
  • Payment Page Detection (from multiple URL’s)
  • API (if you have a development team)

Compatible with all major phone systems including NEC, Shoretel, Panasonic, Avaya, Cisco, MS Lync /Skype4Business (including federated calls) and Unify (including Unify Xpert).

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Record IP, Mobile Phones, or TDM Extensions and or trunks with Apresa

Recording telephone calls, radio, or other audio is used as an integrated part of business or security strategy. In some cases it is obligatory, in others,  it may be used for reference, training, quality management, or security reasons, but in all cases, it should work reliably. The Vidicode Apresa system builds this reliability and extra features into a surprisingly cost-effective package.

At Vidicode we believe that customers should know exactly what they are buying and should not be confronted with additional costs for what should be standard features. This is why APRESA is developed around the concept that all needed functionality should be built into the system. The APRESA solution is scalable to any size of organisation. The Call Recorder APRESA is therefore the ideal recording solution for trunk or extension recording of N3 (in the NHS), or  SIP (hosted or with an onsite PBX), VoIP, ISDN II, E1/T1, TDM, Analogue and Audio (e.g. radio) communication.

Now you can record calls made on Android mobile telephones as part of your business or security strategy.

Calls are recorded automatically with the Vidicode mobile recording application; where all inbound and outbound calls are recorded, stored & uploaded to a wide variety of locations including the Vidicode Apresa recording platform.

This enables users to view both their landline and mobile calls in the same user interface.

VoIP VOX with Call Recorder Apresa (ideal for VoIP hoot-n-holler or Squawk boxes for traders)

Not only can you record calls with Apresa from SIP and all known VoIP protocols in passive and active mode with free PCI DSS and Screen Recording. But you can now add “Audio Signal Detect” mode or VOX mode to the list. This is ideal for clients who have moved from Analogue VOX to VoIP systems for radio and audio transmissions particularly in the finance & security sectors.

  • Apresa can detect audio levels to start and terminate the call.
  • Apresa can also record continuously (an open mic signal scenario) and terminate the call after a predefined time.
  • Apresa’s new audio player also enables users to visually see when the near and far parties are communicating, meaning that you can go to the “speech parts” of the call recording.
Apresa Voice Recorder
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  • Web browser replay – no replace licenses
  • User import list
  • Customer import list – search for calls by your customers’ name
  • Multi-level access; supervisors, groups, and users
  • Free seating / Hot desking
  • Screen recording
  • Store on demand (audio & screen)
  • Record on demand (audio & screen)
  • PCI-DSS ready
  • GDPR ready
  • Call commenting
  • Statistics for analysis in graph or .csv
  • Quick and easy search interface
  • User assignable search restrictions
  • Fingerprinting MD5, SHA-1, SHA-2
  • Encryption
  • Automatic backup to NAS
  • Automatic system check
  • Records SIP/VoIP, ISDN II, E1/T1, TDM, Analogue and radio communication


Fully Integrated & Interactive Live Web Browser Wallboard Shows:

  • Extension number or name calls
  • Inbound call count
  • Outbound call count
  • Active outbound / inbound calls
  • Pervious weeks average calls per hour
SIP Channels Per Server
Recorded hours per 1TB
Typical delivery time(hrs)
Typical implementation time (hrs)

One Solution Endless Possibilities

Incredible Features

Apresa is loaded with useful features, from free screen recording; free active directory integration; free hotdesking and much more. We listen to our users and integrate their feature requests where possible on a regular basis. Apresa is built by us with you in mind.

Apresa Compact

Apresa Compact

Apresa is a responsive recording solution, ideal for extension side recording for under 20 IP, 8 analogue or 8 digital channels, connected to hosted or on site PBX solutions

Apresa Software only

Apresa Software Only

This is ideal for OEM or virtualised environments. We provide more flexibility and functionality than almost any other recording platform, ensuring that you our partners need only focus on the opportunities and fulfilling your clients’ requirements. The Apresa can work in virtual environments and is ideal for hosted providers who wish to have a compliant and multi-tenanted recording solution as part of their offering.

Apresa Standard

Apresa Standard 

This is ideal for enterprise and resilient call recording requirements. We are constantly  improving our platform and Apresa can now record over 2000 SIP channels in one server, making it suitable for most stand alone IP requirements. Apresa servers can also be networked together without expensive multi site licenses….yet another reason why we are known for keeping things Simple, Effective and Secure.

Here is why Apresa is great for every business

Analysing voice and data for compliance and business proficiency

  • Easy Installation & Setup

  • Fully Customizable Options


  • Screen Recording

  • Audit Trail

  • Authenticated User Rights

  • Agent Evaluation

  • Multisite Networking

  • Encryption & Fingerprinting

  • Live Trunk Reporting

  • Date

  • Time

  • Duration

  • Phone Number

  • Extension Number

  • Extension Name

  • Customer Name

  • Notes

  • Coloured Tags

  • Live Interactive Web Wallboards

  • No Windows upgrade costs

  • No CTI or TAPI Costs

  • Concurrent Licenses

  • Software Assurance

  • LDAP Integration

  • Hotdesking

  • Live Monitor

  • Live Call Note Tag

  • System update within 15 mins

  • Live Interactive Statistics

On the few occasions where support has been required this has been met with a swift response and any issues or questions resolved quickly and followed up with calls to ensure everything is working as expected.
Director, JML
Vidicode UK proved to deliver on their promises for a high-quality solution, impeccable and efficient project implementation and reliable post-sale support
Director, DF Markets
It is great to be able to rely on our technology partners to do what they do best, so that we can focus on our business. We would unreservedly recommend this system to others
Director, Albemarle