3 Point GDPR, ICO, MiFIDII & PCI DSS Guide 2019-05-28T18:40:43+00:00

GDPR (click HERE for useful info & GDPR compliance with Apresa)

Improve security and access to applications with client data.

Only keep data with customer details that is required for your business operations.

If recording calls or other data about the customer, get consent or ensure you meet one of the lawful reasons to do so. ( see our white paper HERE)

MiFIDII (click HERE for useful info & MiFIDII compliance with Apresa)

Record calls from mobiles and landline phones, record PC screen activity to capture chats and emails.

Keep data for 5 to 7 years securely.

Vidicode UK supplies solutions that keep recorded data in an encrypted, finger print format with audit trails to see who has accessed what.

PCI DSS (click HERE for useful info & PCI DSS compliance with Apresa)

When taking card payments over the phone, companies can no longer store the personal card data.

Call recorders must mute recording whilst those details are being given / spoken.

Vidicode UK provides you the option of muting the recording either manually or automatically.

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