Vidicode design develops and manufactures sophisticated communication solutions

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Vidicode is a trademark of Ecosoft BV. Vidicode design develops and manufactures sophisticated communication solutions, such as digital telephone recorders, digital audio recorders, professional answering equipment, network fax servers and voice recorders. We have been active now for over 35 years in over 35 countries.

Our strength lies with our dedicated development team and close cooperation with our distributors and resellers. Being a company driven by the passion for functional technology we aim to provide customers with solutions that are easy to implement and maintain.

Flexibility is standard practice.

Customer needs are not always the same. Some customers require special adaptations to the existing hard or software we supply. The Vidicode developers strive to accommodate these wishes at reasonable prices and short delivery times, whilst maintaining our high standards for reliability. This flexibility is something that makes us stand out and puts our distributors and resellers in a better position to provide the best solutions to their clients.

Our flagship recording solution is called Apresa, which includes a wide range of features some of which are integrated screen recording, call recording and speech analytics.

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