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Recorded telephone calls are used to retrieve agreements that were made, to improve safety issues or to account for one’s actions. The Call Recorders Quarto and Octo for respectively 4 and 8 analogue telephone lines are perfectly suited for these purposes. Designed and optimised for recording from analogue sources, they are the choice when you need to record from analogue telephone lines, radio communication equipment or any other analogue audio signal.

The Call Recorders Octo and Quarto automatically record all telephone and radio traffic. Not only is the entire conversation recorded, but also important data such as the external telephone number, the exact date, time and duration of the call. Up to 20.700 hours of telephone calls can be retrieved and listened to using either the recorder’s keyboard or the network. The built-in CD recorder automatically creates back-ups of all recordings on CD, which can be played back on any PC.

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The two available models are:

  • 010.01750 The Call Recorder Quarto 19 Inch (1 to 4 active recording channels)
  • 010.01760 The Call Recorder Octo 19 Inch (1 to 8 active recording channels)


Separate channel setup

Every channel on the unit can be setup separately. The Call Recorder Octo / Quarto is the ideal device for combined source recording solutions. One could for instance record 2 telephone lines, 1 transceiver + a microphone with a single Quarto 4-channel. Conference mode A special new feature for these units is the “conference” recording mode. This feature enables the units to be used in 2 or 3 way conference mode on the PBX connected to analogue extensions and then record everything that comes in on these lines. Another possibility of this feature the possibility to use the Call Recorders as a multichannel answering machine.


Securing Recordings

CryptoCards, the Call Recorder Octo / Quarto is equipped with an IC Card reader. Using the CryptoCard, available as an option, the recordings can be encrypted. Without a corresponding CryptoCard and pin code the encrypted recordings cannot be played back. This is not only a professional way to protect the calls, but is especially useful to protect the privacy of the people involved.

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