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Using the Vidicode Business recorder, not a word of what has been said during a meeting will be lost. Record every meeting, conference, interview, lecture or training in superior sound quality at the push of a button. Apart from the user friendliness, the excellent recording capacity and the different export options are features that make the Business Recorder an essential piece of equipment for every organisation.

Application: Recording of meetings, dictations, (job) interviews, (press) conferences, interrogations, performance reviews, training sessions, brain storm sessions, legal logbooks, lectures etc.

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Benefits of Business Recorder

How much time do you want to spend writing out the minutes?
Every important topic can be marked during the meeting. Jump from one marker to the next to speed up the writing out of the minutes.

Forgot important parts of what has been said?
Play back the recording made at the meeting or session to know exactly who said what and in which context.

Quick and easy play back?
Play back on the Business Recorder itself or use the Business Recorder Access software with extended search function. Search by Date, Week, Month, Year Duration of the call, Dictation, or Conference.

Using markers.
Set markers during recording using the remote control and jump from marker to marker when playing a recording. Ideal to find important passages.

Do you still have to replace tapes?
No more. The internal hard disk has a capacity of 2127 hours of recordings. of recordings via e-mail, USB memory device and CD Recordable

Has somebody tampered with your recording?
Use CryptoCards (option) to encrypt and decrypt your recordings. Only you will be able to open or edit them.

You want to share your recordings immediately?
Easy distribution of recordings via USB, CD Recordable and e-mail.

Built in CD recorder
Transfer you recordings to CD at the push of a button. No need to transfer to a PC first. The business Recorder has its own CD recorder built in. Great sound The Business Recorder records in excellent sound quality. The recorded sound is stored in a format Windows Media Player and Quicktime can play back.

Multi Lingual
The Business Recorder and Access software have been made multi lingual. The available languages are English, German and Dutch. Other languages will follow.

Two minute install
The Business Recorder and Access software are easy to install without technical knowledge. The included manual explains the installation process.


Software & Web Interface

No room for doubts The Business recorder Access Software provides easy access to the database. The database is displayed on your computer screen as a list of recordings. In the list the recording properties like date and time of the recording and number of markers and much more, are stored with the actual recording and can be viewed. Queries can be made to find a specific recording quickly.

The software supplied has been specially developed to deal with and archive the large number of recordings made by the Business Recorder. It offers the following functions:

  • Extensive select and search function: it is easy to make selections based on, for instance, year, month or week.
  • Export and import possibilities: certain recordings or selections of recordings can be exported onto CD-R or USB stick, or attached to an e-mail.
  • Presentation can be configured by the user: You can determine exactly how the software should present the data.

Additional information

Cryptocard Set

3 Equal Cards, 6 Equal Cards, Cryptocard reader for PC (USB)


Digital Audio recorder
Internal and External microphones
Store 2127 hours per hard disk
Built in CD recorder
Place markers using the remote control
Comprehensive database with extended search options


Article no. 040.03012
Ambient temperature 0 – 40°C
Size (LxWxH) 26 x 19 x 5,5 cm Weight 1140 gram
Power input 90-264V – 47-63Hz

Audio 2x Microphone, headset and optical output, Loudspeaker
Ethernet 10 & 100 Mb/s
Remote control sensor and internal speaker

Technical approvals
Safety EN60950 EMC CE, FCC15 subpartB


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