Voice Server Anuncio ISDN

You will never miss an incoming call again, and the people calling you will have the certainty that their call is answered. The Voice Server Anuncio is a special kind of Voice Server. As the name gives away, it is in fact an announcer.

The Anuncio will accept a call right away or after a short period of time, giving the telephone operator time to answer the call personally, play the announcement and put callers in a waiting queue. You will never have to miss an incoming telephone call again. The Anuncio will take care of all incoming telephone traffic. Each telephone number can have it’s own announcement. A time table allows for different announcements on various times of day or night.

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Ruby Line Voice Servers

For telephone systems on ISDN basic rate and ISDN primary rate lines Voice Servers are central voice systems connected between the public telephone network and the telephone system. Their purpose is to add functionality to the telephone system. The major advantage of the Vidicode Voice Servers is that they are independent of the make and characteristics of the PBX. Voice Servers therefore are easy to install and to use. The use of automated voice systems has increased a lot over the past years. People are nowadays used to the fact that they can get an Automated Attendant on the line or are placed in a Call Queuing system. However, many companies still do without this functionality, causing telephones not being answered or being busy all the time. The negative effect of this on business is evident. Many organisations are not even aware of the problem because no information is available. The Voice Servers made by Vidicode are a unique answer to all automation needs on telephone systems. They offer a range of functionalities that will greatly enhance the capacity of your existing PBX, providing efficient solutions at an affordable price.


The Anuncio BRI is available in a desktop or (optional) 19″ model:

  • The Voice Server Anuncio BRI 4 channels (Article no. 030.02610)
  • The Voice Server Anuncio BRI 8 channels (Article no. 030.02612)


The Voice Server Anuncio PRI is available in 19″ rack mount only:

  • The Voice Server Anuncio PRI 30 channels 19″ (Article no. 030.02622)


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Additional information

Cryptocard Set

3 Equal Cards, 6 Equal Cards, Cryptocard reader for PC (USB)


• Spoken notifications or messages
• Time tables for different announcements on the same extension
• Intelligent call queue
• Call statistics software


• Ambient temperature 0-40ºC
• Size (W,D,H): 260 mm, 190 mm, 55 mm[desktop] 440 mm, 315 mm, 95 mm [19” rack]
• Weight: 1200 grams [desktop] 6000 grams [19” rack]
• Power: Input 90-264V~ 47-63Hz, consumption 15W

• Telecom: 2 ISDN basic rate ( 2 ch/ line) on RJ45, 4 ISDN basic rate ( 2 ch/ line) on RJ45, ISDN Primary rate (upto 30 ch / line) on 2x RJ45, NT and TE
• Audio: Headset on 2 pcs 3.5mm circular mini-jack
• Ethernet: 10MB – 100MB
• Miscellaneous: Internal speaker

• EMC : EN55022 ClassB, EN55024ClassB, FCC15 subpartB
• Safety EN60950
• Telecom: TBR3, TBR4