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Enhance Trader Communication with VoIP VOX Call Recorder Apresa

Introducing Apresa, the ultimate call recording system designed to meet the stringent demands of the finance and security sectors. With Apresa, you can seamlessly record calls from SIP and various VoIP protocols in passive and active modes, and leverage features like “Audio Signal Detect” mode and VOX mode. Apresa is the go-to choice for traders transitioning from analogue to VoIP systems, ensuring optimal radio and audio transmission efficiency. 

Key features include: 

  • Optional Speech Analytics (word and phrase spotting)
  • Apresa can detect audio levels to start and terminate the call.
  • Apresa can also record continuously (an open mic signal scenario) and terminate the call after a predefined time.
  • Apresa’s new audio player also enables users to visually see when the near and far parties are communicating, meaning they can access “speech parts” of the call recording.
  • Web browser replay – no replacement licenses
  • User import list
  • Customer import list – search for calls by your customers’ name
  • Multi-level access; supervisors, groups, and users
  • Free seating / Hot desking
  • Screen recording
  • Store on demand (audio & screen)
  • Record on demand (audio & screen)
  • PCI-DSS ready
  • GDPR ready
  • Call commenting
  • Statistics for analysis in graph or .csv
  • Quick and easy search interface
  • User-assignable search restrictions
  • Fingerprinting MD5, SHA-1, SHA-2
  • Encryption
  • Automatic backup to NAS
  • Automatic system check
  • Records SIP/VoIP, ISDN II, E1/T1, TDM, Analogue and radio communication


  • Agent Evaluation Module
  • Raid 1 or Raid 5 option
  • Redundant power supply

Speech Analytics 

Apresa has an optional integrated AI-powered speech analytics module, VoiceCrunch AI, making it easy for users to search for calls based on spoken words or phrases. 

VoiceCrunch AI is a cutting-edge speech analytics solution tailored for the diverse and dynamic trading floor and banking environments. These bustling hubs, where individuals from varied backgrounds converge, present unique challenges for accurate voice transcription. Accents, dialects, and industry-specific jargon can pose hurdles, requiring meticulous transcription to ensure compliance standards are met. 

Searching for Trader Speak and Common Words 

  • “CABLE”: Refers to the pairing of GBP and USD currencies, stemming from historical currency deals between Britain and the US using cables as a medium. 
  • “TO THE MOON”: Traders’ enthusiastic expression for a stock or asset skyrocketing in value. 
  • “UNICORNS”: Startups valued at over $1 billion, often considered as elusive as mythical unicorns. 
  • “BLACK SWANS”: Events like the 2008 financial crisis or Brexit, unforeseen and impactful occurrences in the market. 
  • “HAWKS & DOVES”: Analysts and traders’ terminology for members of Central Bank Committees. 
  • “PUMP & DUMP”: Manipulative tactics involving spreading false information to inflate stock prices for personal gain. 
  • “TANKING”: Opposite of soaring, it describes stocks rapidly losing value. 
  • “DEAD CAT BOUNCE”: A brief recovery in a declining market before it resumes its downtrend. 
  • “A BULLY” OR “BULL”: Represents an upward trend or a market with positive growth potential. 
  • “WHALES”: Powerful players in the industry with substantial capital, including banks, individuals, or trusts. 

This unique blend of rhyming slang, market chatter, and accumulated expressions forms the foundation of a financial language that may seem perplexing to outsiders but has long been entrenched and evolved within the trading world. 

VoiceCrunch AI for Automatic Transcription 

VoiceCrunch AI addresses the common pitfalls encountered with transcription engines, particularly when confronted with traders’ rapid pace and specialised language. Misinterpretations or omissions in transcriptions can result in compliance breaches, underscoring the importance of a solution finely tuned to trader jargon and slang. VoiceCrunch AI can be preloaded with keywords and phrases associated with trader language that can be changed for optimal accuracy. 

Apresa now integrates seamlessly with SIPREC (Session Recording Protocol) and is compatible with all major phone systems utilising SIPREC or other IP-based technologies, including SFB, NEC, Panasonic, Mitel, ShoreTel, Unify or hosted SIP services such as Gamma and Horizon.  

Join the growing community of satisfied users and OEM partners using the Apresa recording platform for unparalleled recording capabilities. 

Call 0203 4881498 or e-mail Gemma@vidicodeuk.com for more information. 

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