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“The ability to find calls quickly is a key factor for us.”

About TLF Research

Based in Huddersfield and proud of their Yorkshire heritage TLF Research boast a proven track record of improving the customer experience, satisfaction, and loyalty of their client’s companies through the design and running of customer research programmes. As a full-service agency TLF has assisted customers including Direct Line Group, Visa, Calor, Co-op and Saint Gobain with their research journey, from planning programmes, data collection and analysis.

The challenge

TLF’s needed to record thousands of telephone interviews and store them securely, ensuring compliance with data protection legislation whilst at the same time requiring easy and rapid access to recordings.

Jude Nottingham, MD of TLF, said, “We work across all sectors including construction, finance, housing, utilities and leisure and collect customer feedback through 150,000 telephone interviews and over one million email surveys each year. Security of recorded calls, compliance with data protection legislation and the ability to find calls quickly is a key factor for us.”

The solution

All calls from the TLF research centre are recorded on the Vidicode UK Apresa system. Call recordings are used daily to monitor the quality of service, and adherence to industry standards and to train colleagues internally.

The Apresa system includes a web browser GUI (Graphic User Interface) with comprehensive search and replay criteria, including an annotated notes field and colour coding of calls making it easy to find and replay recordings and save individually or per project. Apresa offers secure access to compressed and encrypted recordings with an audit trail to meet high levels of security and data protection requirements. Apresa also has unique features to support GDPR compliance, such as stopping recording on-demand and a censure list to prevent any future recording where an individual requests this. For training purposes, the screen activity of an agent can be recorded and matched with the phone call giving a full view of the customer experience and preventing mistakes.

Jude concludes, “Vidicode UK provides a call recording solution that meets our data protection and security needs and gives us a system that is easy to use.”

Key Benefits of the Vidicode UK Apresa recording solution

  1. Easy to use search and replay interface
  2. Easy to identify calls by type and project
  3. Compression of calls to maximise storage space
  4. High levels of security and encryption to meet data protection legislation
  5. Improves customer service and the client experience
  6. Cost-effective, flexible and future-proofed


MSL motors

“Apresa technology will help future proof the business as it moves into the next decade and beyond”.

About MSL Motors

MSL Motor Group was founded by Stephen O’Flaherty who is widely celebrated as one of the great pioneers of modern Irish motoring. His grandson, who is also named Stephen O’Flaherty, is the Chairman of MSL Motor Group today.

The O’Flaherty family have a long history in the Irish motor industry and have been involved in manufacturing, distribution, and retail operations since 1950. In June 1950, amidst the aftermath of World War II, Stephen O’Flaherty signed a deal that secured the rights to the Volkswagen franchise in Ireland and some three years later O’Flaherty secured the Volkswagen franchise for the UK which he subsequently sold to the Thomas Tilling Group in 1957. Perhaps Ireland’s place in Volkswagen history was most firmly established in 1950 when the first Volkswagen ever built outside Germany was assembled on Shelbourne Road, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 (in the very premises where MSL Ballsbridge Motors operates today). The car itself is now proudly displayed at the Volkswagen Museum in Wolfsburg, Germany.

Throughout the fifties demand rose steadily and the business quickly outgrew the Shelbourne Road facility. In 1955 assembly was transferred to a new factory on the Naas Road, Dublin 12. Vehicle assembly continued the Naas Road until the mid-1980s when the company became the last in Ireland to withdraw from the production.

In 1954 Stephen O’Flaherty secured the Mercedes-Benz distribution rights for Ireland and Mercedes-Benz distribution is still run by the O’Flaherty family. Today the Naas Road facility remains the headquarters for both MSL Motor Group and Mercedes-Benz Ireland.


The challenge


Maintaining high standards of customer service and support as well as ensuring that sales and service opportunities are maximised is paramount to the success of the MSL. Customers ask a myriad of questions about used and new vehicles and these questions must be addressed in a way that enthuses them thereby attracting new purchases and retaining existing loyalties.

To that end, MSL wanted to capture every customer experience by phone to identify and use examples of calls to ensure that their high standards are maintained going forward.

The solution

 The Vidicode Apresa Call Recording Solution allows recorded calls to be stored onsite for as long as we wish enabling us to evaluate these when needed.

The extensive search functionality makes it very easy for us to identify the calls we want quickly and efficiently. Not only can we identify inbound and outbound calls but also the customer phone number, time, date and duration and in addition colour mark and add notes to valuable calls during or after they occur. This is a real bonus when identifying good calls for training purposes. The Apresa is a system that we know has many additional features which will help future proof it as our business moves into the next decade and beyond.

Key Benefits of the Vidicode UK Apresa recording solution

  1. Easy recording user interface for search and playback
  2. Simplifies training and staff appraisals
  3. Improves customer service and client experience
  4. Cost-effective and flexible


Vidicode UK Call Recording

“we would recommend Vidicode UK without reservation to others in our industry”

About Budgens Motors

 As one of Shropshire’s biggest and longest established Motor Dealerships Budgen prides itself on giving excellent service to all its customers. Budgen has been in Shropshire for 40 years and it is still family-run today.


Originally started by Tommy Budgen in the 70s, Budgen was taken over by the late Robin Wimbush in the 80s and is now owned by Robin’s friend Kim, and his wife Susan, who has lived and worked in Shropshire for over 30 years.


Budgen Motors now has Citroen, DS, Dacia and Renault Dealerships in Telford and Shrewsbury, Peugeot, MG, and Subaru in Shrewsbury, a large Used Car Centre offering all makes and models in Shrewsbury and a Full MG Facility in Telford.

The challenge

In line with FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) regulations, Budgen is required to record telephone calls where a car finance transaction is required.

In addition, Budgen takes payments over the telephone by debit or credit card for its services and therefore must comply with the requirements of the payment card regulators (PCI DSS) to not store any sensitive payment card information.

A seemingly substantial challenge for any call recording company met by Vidicode UK and the flexible and cost-effective Apresa Call Recording Solution.

The solution

The Apresa meets the requirement of the FCA to store calls for up to seven years and to be easily traceable. Budgens required storage on-site which Vidicode UK provided. The Apresa also offers an audit trail and limits access to recordings only to supervisors as chosen by the management. The Apresa’s user interface, accessible via any networked web browser enables search for calls from any of our sites by multiple criteria.  We can add notes to each call and colour mark calls in accordance with their relevance or topic (i.e. training, dispute, sale etc.)

For payments made over the phone, the Apresa recording solution is easy to configure, muting calls when agents reach our whilst on a call “Payment Page” meaning that no card details are captured. There is also the option to use shortcodes to manually mute and unmute the calls.


Key Benefits of the Vidicode UK Apresa recording solution

  1. PCI DSS Compliance for payment cards
  2. FCA Compliance with audit trails & 7 years storage
  3. Easy recording user interface
  4. Simplifies training and staff appraisals
  5. Improves customer service and client experience
  6. Cost-effective and flexible


RTH & Infinity Solutions

“We highly recommend the Vidicode Apresa Call Recording System

About Infinity Group & Right To Health


Infinity Group Founded in 2002, are one of the largest IT and Telecoms Support providers in the UK that provide a wide range of leading Telephony Solutions, Managed IT Services, IT Consultancy and Digital Transformation Consultancy to mid-market clients across a wide range of verticals.


Right to Health was founded in 2001 to offer impartial advice to the individual and corporate private medical insurance market. Since then they have grown to be one of the largest individual healthcare intermediaries in the U.K. with thousands of satisfied clients.

The Challenge

When Infinity Group, one of the UK’s largest IT and Telephony providers were tasked by Right to Health, to find a reliable, user friendly call recording platform that met FCA* compliance standards they turned to Vidicode UK and call recording expert Everton Stuart.

Right to Health, founded in 2001, specialise in finding new private medical insurance policies and reviewing the current health and financial requirement of individual and corporate clients. Their work makes it imperative to prove impartiality, adhere to FCA regulations requiring evidential proof of transactions and should the case arise be able to find that proof quickly.


The solution & Key benefits

The Vidicode Apresa IP Recording System was chosen by Right to Health and Infinity Group for its ability to search for and find recorded calls rapidly, add notes to each call, email recordings and tag with relevant business information as well as storage for a number of years as required by the FCA. In addition, Infinity cited the skillset and knowledge of Everton Stuart and his support team as a major factor that impressed Right to Health.

Phil Jones COO of Infinity Group said, “We are happy with our choice and would always recommend the Vidicode Apresa call recording solution where possible. It’s a very flexible system with a multitude of features for MiFID, PCI and GDPR compliance as well as benefits for use in a training environment.  It is good to know that our client feels the same way we do about Vidicode UK and the solution we provided”.

Jonathan Carroll, Director at Right to Health backs this up, “We felt that our telephony needs weren’t being fully met with our previous provider and were delighted when we were pointed in the direction of Everton at Vidicode. The Vidicode system is far more comprehensive than anything we have used in the past and they have been incredibly helpful in customising the settings on our portal to better meet our demands. We often use call recordings for training and compliance issues and Vidicode enables us to easily locate calls and make appropriate notes on relevant sections. Furthermore, Everton and his team are a pleasure to work with and readily available to support us on the very rare occasion that an issue does arise. We highly recommend the Vidicode system.”

Find out more about the Financial Conduct Authority & Vidicode Apresa call recording solution.