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How Vidicode UK records Microsoft Teams calls securely for FCA compliance

Explore Vidicode UK’s Microsoft Teams Call Recording solution to optimise your communication workflow and bolster compliance and security measures.

More and more companies are utilising the power of Microsoft Office 365 to encourage teamwork, simplify workflow, collaborate, meet, and call all in one place via Microsoft Teams.

How you utilise Teams, be it your go-to communications solution or internal support platform Vidicode UK can capture all interactions, internally and externally, from start to finish, end to end!

Are Microsoft Teams calls recorded automatically?

Microsoft Teams calls are not automatically recorded by default. Users typically initiate call recording in Teams during a call, and all participants receive a notification in the Teams interface indicating that the call is being recorded. This is designed to ensure transparency and compliance with privacy regulations. Calls are automatically saved into Microsoft Streams, One Drive or Sharepoint or possibly on local PCs and laptops.

The ability to record Microsoft Teams calls and videos is usually subject to organisational policies and user permissions. Administrators can configure settings to control who can initiate recordings and access the recorded content. Manual recording in this manner may be adequate for reference, short meetings, or sharing with colleagues but will not be sufficient to record for FCA compliance, risk management, or as part of a productivity solution.

Where regulatory compliance is a priority, you should choose a recording system that captures internal and external communications, ensuring that every call is encrypted and tamperproof and, where required, complies with automated PCI stop/start recording to avoid recording payment cards. This provides more advanced monitoring and recording functionality for automation, quality measurement, and performance analysis.

‍Suppose rapid search and retrieval of calls is crucial, particularly in scenarios like customer disputes or FCA investigations. In that case, optional Speech Analytics, which scans conversations for keywords and emotions and transcription, are options that will significantly clarify and accelerate the process.

What should FCA and PCI-DSS regulated companies avoid when recording Teams calls?

Recording Teams calls is easy, but in regulated firms, if not done correctly may run the risk of breaking compliance rules and being fined.

FCA regulated companies should avoid:

  • Saving Teams recordings to local laptops and PCs due to security and access issues. 
  • Storing Teams recordings in local folders without high levels of security, including encryption and fingerprinting.
  • Saving Teams call recordings locally without a historical audit trail.
  • Sending large and insecure MP3 recordings as attachments to emails 


It’s all about reducing the risk for regulated firms!

For MiFID II compliance, every interaction related to a financial transaction should be captured, tagged, and linked in a secure environment. It should be possible to monitor interactions in real-time to enforce good practice and to identify indications of customer vulnerability, for example as required by FCA Consumer Duty. 

How Vidicode UKs end to end call recording boosts Microsoft Teams compliance

  • Records Microsoft Teams calls, video, conferences, screenshare, webcam, and chat
  • Sets parameters to ensure payment card details are not recorded (PCI Compliance)
  • Sets parameters to ensure future calls are not captured (GDPR Compliance) 
  • SHA-2 cryptographic security (512-bit) with Secure 256 Bit AES call encryption
  • Centralised storage & audit trails for as long as you require
  • Optional VoiceCrunch AI Speech Analytics and transcription
  • Optional 2-Factor Authentication 
  • Automatic backup of calls
  • Live Call Monitoring
  • Optional VoiceCrunch AI Speech Analytics and transcription

All internal and external Teams voice and video calls can be stored on your premises, in your cloud or Vidicode’s secure private cloud. So whatever telephony you are using now or in the future, your calls are safely recorded and stored with Vidicode UK.

Microsoft Teams call recording in call and contact centres

Recording Teams calls in the contact centre without security and audit safeguards may leave you vulnerable to expensive disputes and lost customer information.

We simultaneously capture your agent’s screen and every leg of the customer call. We can even record Teams webcam activity where required to provide a complete agent/customer interaction record.  

Teams recording options include Live Wall Board, Quality Management, and Speech Analytics with word/phrase spotting and transcription, offering a single, powerful solution that captures interactions securely. For those calls involving debit/credit card payment details, it’s also fully PCI-DSS compliant.  

Vidicode UK helps you drive business efficiencies and improve value by understanding the entire customer journey and the performance of your agents. 

Whether your focus is on compliance, increased functionality, or heightened information security in your call centre, Vidicode UK makes it easy with: 

  • Monthly Subscription Plan: Flexible and cost-effective. 
  • Quick Installation Process: Get up and running without hassle. 
  • Access Anywhere: Convenient access to recorded interactions. 
  • Stress-Free Support: Our team is here to assist you. 
  • Easy Upgrades: Stay current with the latest features. 
  • Scalability: Adapt to changing needs effortlessly. 

Choose Vidicode UK for a comprehensive and secure Microsoft Teams call recording solution that aligns with your business requirements and goals – book a free discovery call on 0203 4881498.


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