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Fully Integrated & Interactive Live Web Browser Wallboard:

Call Recorder Apresa includes a comprehensive suite of graphs encompassing various metrics to provide a holistic view of communication dynamics within your business.  

The graphs within the Apresa user interface are generated in real time, ensuring a seamless experience for exploration and analysis. This feature allows users to effortlessly refine their focus, diving into specific facets of the data to extract precise user-specific details.  

Graphs include:

  • Extension number or name calls
  • Inbound call count
  • Outbound call count
  • Active outbound / inbound call totals
  • Pervious weeks average calls per hour
  • Missed Call Count
  • Total Outgoing Call Count
  • Total Incoming Call Count
  • Totals Daily Pie Chart
  • Average Calls Per Hour
  • Active Calls
  • Active Calls Pie Chart
  • Active Incoming Call Count
  • Average Wait time
  • Active Outgoing Call Count
  • Table Last Incoming
  • Table Last Outgoing
  • Table Last Missed

Through this streamlined approach to data manipulation, users can effectively “drill down” and derive actionable insights tailored to their unique requirements. Time, costs, and workload are among the critical dimensions scrutinised, offering invaluable insights into operational efficiency and resource allocation.  

Moreover, our agent evaluation/call scoring module furthers the analysis by enabling supervisors to evaluate individual performance. This functionality provides supervisors with the tools needed to assess agents’ interactions, identify areas for improvement, and implement targeted training or retraining initiatives as necessary.  

The system’s flexibility extends to data export functionalities, empowering users to extract the available information in a universally compatible .csv format, enabling deeper exploration and comprehensive evaluation of communication patterns. 

Through informed analysis, you can identify trends, pinpoint inefficiencies, and optimise communication strategies to enhance productivity and drive organisational success.  

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