Call Recording Connectors and Accessories

Explore our call recording connectors designed to seamlessly integrate with your preferred recording devices. Whether it is your PC, laptop, handheld recorder, or hearing aid device like the Phonak range, our connectors empower you to capture and store important conversations effortlessly.

Our connectors are easy to fit between your telephone base unit and the device you are using. Simply unplug the telephone handset curly cord from the base of your phone and plug the connector in its place. Then plug the curly cord into the connector and the 3.5mm plug into whatever device you are using. For simplicity view the installation video on the relevant product page.

If you are using a PC or laptop, make sure you choose the 157 as this connector has power surge protection. Our connectors also have a call playback switch, which enables you to play back recordings down the telephone line.

Enhance your recording experience with a range of compatible accessories, ensuring you have everything you need for clear, reliable call recordings.

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Vidicode UK produces this range of connectors using the ReTell brand name.

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