Voice Servers

With the increase of communication it is not always possible to pick up every ringing telephone immediately, especially when there are peak times during business hours.

Recent reports have shown that first time callers hang up when the telephone is not answered within 20-30 seconds. Over 70% of this first time callers will not try again, they call the next company. If the telephone is answered by an automated attendant, people remain waiting longer. When answered by an intelligent auto attendant people will not only wait longer, but actively engage with the system to get information, leave a message or transfer themselves to a free employee.

Voice Servers

A Voice Server is a combination of an Automated Attendant (telephone operator functions), personalised voice-mail system, intelligent call queue system and call statistics system. Voice Servers are typically used to service high call volumes, reduce cost and improve the customer experience. Larger companies use Voice Servers to extend the business hours of operation. Tailor your services A Voice Server may be used to identify and segment callers. Being able to identify customers allows the possibility to tailor services according to the customer profile. It also gives the option of choosing automated services. Information can be fed to the caller allowing choices such as: wait in the queue, choose an automated service, or request a callback. Voice Servers are made to provide all common voice services used in telephone systems. They are designed for continuous unattended operation. All messages and voice prompts are stored digitally on the internal hard disk. A call attendant answers calls and offers services. Possible services are; to offer a selection of internal numbers to connect to, to offer a selection of languages or to just provide spoken information.

Voice Announcers

Announcers are designed to answer to incoming calls and place callers in a waiting queue if needed. A spoken message could tell the caller who he has reached, how many people are waiting in the queue and what the estimated waiting time is. An announcer does not offer menu’s, and, unlike a voice server, it doesn’t take voice mail. It’s main function is to answer to incoming telephone calls.

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