Revolutionise Your Call Recording with Vidicode V-Tap Range

The V Tap call recording range is here, and it will revolutionise the way that SMB’s record their calls.

The V Tap recorder is available in analogue, ISDN2 (Basic Rate), ISDN30 (Primary Rate) and VoIP variations enabling calls to be recorded without the need for a PC or server, by recording calls directly to its internal SD card memory.

This means it is a very affordable recording solution for the small to medium business, whilst still being of interest to larger organisations who may have multiple sites with lower head counts. The V Tap can upload recordings to the enterprise Apresa call recorder should there be a WAN or VPN in place connecting sites.

Effortless Storage and Network Transfer 

Recorded calls are saved as WAV files on an SD card, ensuring secure and accessible storage. Additionally, the SD card content can be optionally sent over the network. In this case, data is wrapped into a special tunnel format, compatible with the Call Recorder Apresa (running on Linux) or V-Archive software (running on Windows PC). These external systems can interpret the tunnel format and produce playable audio files complete with metadata such as date, time, and call number. 

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Updated May 2024