Plug & Play Call Recording for SMEs and Small Contact Centres

Discover the ease and efficiency of our Plug-and-Play call recording solutions, specifically designed for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and small contact centres.

With our products, you can effortlessly integrate call recording into your business operations, ensuring instant functionality. Whether you prefer to connect the system yourself or seek professional installation, Vidicode UK and your trusted IT and Telecoms partners support you at every step.

Our call recording units are incredibly versatile, offering compatibility with VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol), analogue, ISDN 2, and ISDN 30 lines. They feature a compact design, making them ideal for businesses of any size, from a single desk to larger teams and departments. These units record calls directly to a high-capacity SD card and into desktop software, providing a seamless and reliable recording solution.

Choose the implementation method that best suits your business needs:

Plug-and-Play: Easily connect the device yourself for immediate use.

Professional Installation: Opt for a hassle-free set-up with professional installation by Vidicode UK or your trusted IT and Telecoms partner.

Consider also our single-desk range of call recording software and hardware devices designed for individual users of softphones, headsets, or traditional office phones. You can even replace an analogue phone with our multi-featured call recording phone.

All our prices are transparent and exclude VAT and, where applicable, shipping charges. The exact shipping cost will be calculated during the checkout process, ensuring you have a clear understanding of the total cost.

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