Call Recorder Apresa Compact

Call Recorder Apresa Compact

The Apresa Compact-Line is a small form factor server ideal for smaller call recording applications handling up to 10 VoIP or 8 TDM digital or 8 analogue lines.

  • Multi level access; supervisors, groups and users
  • Free seating
  • Screen recording
  • Store on demand (audio & screen)
  • PCI-DSS compliance
  • Call commenting
  • Statistics for analysis in graph or .csv

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Vidicode supplied small form factor server with all needed hardware.

The Compact-Line is a the perfect APRESA solution for smaller applications up to 10 VoIP or 8 TDM digital or 8 analogue lines. It is supplied as a ready-to-go complete system and can be setup in a matter of minutes. The Compact-Line Apresa does not include screen-recording.


Call Recorder Apresa

PCI Integration can be an expensive add-on for voice recording solutions with CTI and TAPI licenses needed as well as the cost of the recorder and PCI feature.

Vidicode UK can help……..

The Apresa not only has screen recording and Agent Evaluation; it also provides users with 3 different modes to be PCI compliant:

  • DTMF
  • PC Application
  • Payment Page Detection

Compatible with all major phone systems including NEC, Shoretel, MiVoice, MS Teams, Avaya, Cisco, and Unify.


Additional information

Cryptocard Set

3 Equal Cards, 6 Equal Cards, Cryptocard reader for PC (USB)


Recording telephone calls, radio or other audio is used as an integrated part of business or security strategy. In some cases it is obligatory, in other cases, it may be used for reference, training, quality management or security reasons, but in all cases, it should work reliably. Since you are reading this we assume you know the reasons for this in your organisation. With the APRESA system, Vidicode provides a recording platform that matches with all others where it comes to desired reliability but builds this reliability in a surprisingly cost effective package. At Vidicode we believe that a customer should know exactly what he is buying and should not be confronted with additional costs for much-needed “extra features”. This is why APRESA is developed around the concept that all needed functionality should be built into the system. The APRESA solution is scalable to any size of organisation. The Call Recorder APRESA is therefore the ideal recording solution for trunk or extension recording of SIP/VoIP, ISDN II, E1/T1, TDM, Analogue and Audio (e.g. radio) communication.


Do you have a hosted PBX or use hosted VoIP or SIP extensions in your business?

The Apresa voice recording solution enables you to record either SIP trunks or IP extensions from hosted providers in a FCA, MIFID / MIFIDII and PCI compliant manner, Look no further than the Apresa Compact if you are an SME looking for a cost effective and feature rich compliant solution.

Do you have an Avaya or Unify PBX ?

The Apresa voice recorder that can work in Active or Passive mode for IP phone systems. In Active mode the Apresa can record calls without the need for port mirroring by using CSTA or Dual Media Streams, meaning that you no longer have to worry about the effects of port mirroring on your network bandwidth.

Do you have Microsoft Lync / MS Teams?

The Apresa voice recording platform is one of a very small number of recorders that can record the proprietary RT Audio protocol from MS Lync. Not only can we record RT Audio, but we can also record the PC screen activity during that audio or conference call, making it the ideal solution for any business that uses MS Lync. Apresa now records Microsoft Teams calls within Azure, enabling users to record Teams to Teams calls.

Support IP Protocols / Codecs and Installation Environments:

• Standard SIP protocol
• NEC SV8100, SV9100
• Aastra (Mitel)
• Mivoice
• Nortel Unified Networks IP Stimulus (Unistim)
• Aastra 400
• Avaya Nortel CS1000
• Aastra 5000
• Panasonic
• Aastra Intelligate
• Samwin
• Aastra (Ericson) Mx-One
• Siemens / Unify (HFA)
• AudioCodes Mediant
• Innovaphone
• Alcatel (UA-UDP protocol)
• Unify Openscape Expert
• Unify Openscape 4000
• Mitel 400 Series
• Cisco CUCM
• HiPath 3000 series / OpenScape Business
• Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Enterprise R9, R11
• HiPath 4000 series
• Avaya IP Office
• Avaya Aura
• HiPath Open Office
• Cisco Call Manager (SCCP / Skinny protocol / SIP)
• ISDX 3000
• Cisco Call Manager 5, 7, 8, 10
• OpenScape Mx v.3
• Toshiba
• ShoreTel
• Speakerbus Trader Turrets
• Microsoft Lync 2013 / Skype for Business Server 2015
• Microsoft Teams
• G.711
• 8 KHz,
• A-law
• mu-law
• G.722
• G.729
• GSM 6.10
• iLBC
• RT-Audio
• GSM 6.10
• VM Ware
• Hyper V
• Azure
• VirtualBox