Call Recorder PRI (19” Rack mount only)

The Call Recorder PRI models are Vidicode’s top models for recording from ISDN Primary rate (30 channels, also referred to as E1). The PRI is manufactured with the latest techniques developed by Vidicode to make it the most easy to install, yet flexible E1 recorder. Why would you need a Call Recorder PRI? Some possible answers could be: To protect your organisation when employees trustingly act on something agreed by telephone, such as an order placed. To justify that employees have responded well to the demands of people and organisations, for example in healthcare. To protect our employees against threats.

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The Call Recorder PRI is designed with the word flexibility as a basis. All of the models can be fitted with any number of active recording channels, starting from 1 up to the models maximum of 16 or 30. You only pay for what you need. When your organisations needs change, it is easy to add recording channels until you reach the maximum. No loss of investment and no need to invest now in uncertain future needs.


There are three basic models of the Call Recorder PRI :

  • 010.01830 PRI for 1-30 channels with high quality recording only (2070 hours)
  • 010.01832 PRI for 1-16 channels with full compression mode (20700 hours)
  • 010.01834 PRI for 1-30 channels with full compression mode (20700 hours)


Pass Through mode

The Call Recorder PRI is connected between the ISDN network and the local telephone system, usually a PBX. This adds new functionality to the line and at the same time leaves the existing functionality untouched. Some of the possibilities of the Pass Through Mode:
– The PRI can answer the telephone, give the notification message and then connect to the PABX
– The PRI has various settings for selective recording, for example via a command from the telephone keys (** star commands) or based on internal or external number recognition (Caller ID). Do you want to simply record everything or do you want to start the recording yourself or do you want to decide if you need a recording after the call is completed?….
– The PRI can withhold internal telephone numbers on an outgoing call (CLIP Filtering)


Securing recordings

The Call Recorder PRI is equipped with an IC Card reader. Using the CryptoCard, available as an option, the recordings can be encrypted. Without a corresponding CryptoCard and pin code the encrypted recordings cannot be played back. This is not only a professional way to protect the calls, but is especially useful to protect the privacy of the people involved.


Secondary PRI

A secondary PRI has exactly the same functionality as a primary, but it will only perform when there is a primary PRI installed in the network. . Should your company expand it’s telephone traffic, it could be useful to have a secondary PRI. The secondary PRI’s hardware is adjusted to be able to be recognized by the primary PRI. This recognition is communicated to the Call Recorder Access Software. The software handles the telephone traffic as if the primary and secondary are one Call Recorder. When the Call Recorder Access software detects a secondary PRI in the network, but is unable to locate a primary PRI, a dialog will open prompting to ‘Please contact your dealer.”

Additional information

Cryptocard Set

3 Equal Cards, 6 Equal Cards, Cryptocard reader for PC (USB)


• Records up to 30 channels simultaneously
• Real Time Audio compression on all channels
• Notification/Announcement through spoken message
• White/Black listing
• Number filters for outgoing Caller-ID
• Recording of date, time, Caller-ID, etc.
• Direct marking of calls (e.g. in case of threats)
• Use of special functions via dial codes
• Automatic backup via Araña software


• Ambient temperature 0 – 40°C
• Size: 19” Rack Mount case; 44 x 31,5 x 9,5 cm
• Weight: 6000 gram
• Power: 90-264V~ 47-63Hz, consumption: 12W

• Telecom: ISDN Primary Rate (up to 30 ch / line) on 2x RJ45, NT and TE
• Network: Ethernet RJ45

Technical approvals
• EMC: EN55022 Class B, EN55024 Class B, FCC15 subpart B
• Safety: EN60950
• Telecom: TBR 4