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Oygo’s software stores your recorded calls directly to the hard disc of your PC or laptop when using a headset or softphone. Ideal for the single desk user.

  • Enjoy automatic recording or record on demand
  • Advanced searches by Date, Time, Duration, Notes, Name, & and device
  • Seamlessly import and export complete archives for backup purposes
  • Easily playback and email recordings
  • Keep your recordings secure with password protection
  • Customise your call listing display with user-specified options
  • Utilise the convenient Notes field and Names field

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Oygo Call Recording Software Solution: For Headset and Soft-Phone Recording

The widespread shift towards remote and hybrid work arrangements has brought to light a crucial concern: the omission of significant conversations about deliveries, pricing, finance, legal issues, customer complaints and more, which could result in compliance or proof-related challenges.  

With Vidicode UK’s Oygo call recorder software, workers can capture every important discussion accurately, mitigating the risk of oversight and providing a reliable record for future reference or compliance purposes.  

Oygo is designed to capture conversations from a wide range of headsets or softphones. Oygo seamlessly stores all recorded calls on your PC, providing a user-friendly interface that displays your recording archive as a searchable list.

This intuitive software attaches essential recording details such as date and time, making it effortless to access and review your recordings within the archive. With Oygo, your recorded conversations can be easily played back, shared via email, exported, or copied to other archives. The system facilitates advanced searches, quickly retrieving specific recordings and offering a comprehensive overview of your call history.

For enhanced management, archives can be consolidated into a unified database, which is ideal for supervisors and group managers seeking streamlined access.

Vidicode UK understands the importance of security. That’s why Oygo allows you to store your recordings with encryption and protection against unauthorised playback or deletion through password safeguards.

Whether you are a part of a large organization or a small business, Oygo’s Call Recording solution is adaptable to your needs, ensuring you maintain control and compliance with your call records.

Oygo recording from a desk phone or mobile phone with Bluetooth

The following headsets are supported for recording from various phones:


  • JABRA PRO 9450
  • JABRA PRO 9460
  • JABRA PRO 9460 DUO
  • JABRA PRO 9465 DUO
  • JABRA PRO 9470
  • Jabra Engage 75

When you use one of these Jabra headsets, Oygo can record telephone calls from:

  • A desk phone
  • A mobile phone with Bluetooth connection

Moreover, if you utilise any of these Jabra products, you can take advantage of start and stop call detection. The software initiates or terminates a recording when you press a button on the headset (or on the Jabra Speak 750).


  • Emotion W880 (IPN Telecom)

When you use the Emotion W880 headset, Oygo can record telephone calls from:

  • A desk phone
  • A mobile phone with Bluetooth connection

The most critical feature of a supported headset is the built-in recording option.

Please note: Many users leave their headsets in active mode continuously, which means there is no button pressed at the end of a call. Oygo offers alternative start/stop methods for you to choose from in such cases.

Optional Features

  • Screen Recording (with a screen recording license)
  • Upload recorded calls to a central Apresa call recording system (with an upload license)

Additional information

Pack Size

10-Pack, 5-Pack, Single Pack


• Special connectivity for Jabra Engage, Jabra PRO™ series and E-Motion W880 headsets
• Special connectivity for Jabra Speak 750 speakerphone
• Ideal recording solution for Jabra Engage 75 headset
• Automatic recording or recording on demand
• Advanced search on; Date, Time, Duration, Notes, Name and device
• Import and export of complete archives for backup purposes
• Playback and e-mailing of recordings
• Automatic update of call listing
• Password protection of recordings
• User specified display of call listing
• Notes field and Names field


• Can be installed on: Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8.x
• Works with virtually any headset / Soft-Phone combination.
• Special connectivity for Jabra PRO™ series and E-MotionW880 headsets
• Stores 180 hours of conversation per GB free disk space on the PC
• Currently supports over 10 languages