Single Desk Call Recording Software and Devices

Why choose a call recording solution for a single desk?

Single-desk call recorders are the cornerstone for individual home users and professionals within some large companies. They offer a starting point for those seeking to capture and review calls efficiently. In big companies, access to call recordings may be restricted by policies or time constraints, making a single-desk call recorder indispensable. For instance, in financial services firms, where rapid access to calls is crucial for traders, our desktop Call Recorder Single or Featurephone 175 offer a swift and accessible option with media that can be stored centrally or removed for safe storage by compliance managers.

If expansion beyond a single desk into small teams* is required, our software seamlessly integrates into corporate environments, allowing calls to be saved to a central location. This functionality facilitates easier access and ensures compliance with regulations and internal policies. 

Our innovative solutions, such as the Oygo call recording software, empower remote workers using a softphone and headset, health professionals, and small teams by providing a reliable call recording option tailored to their specific needs.

Call recording product recommendations for single users:

Work using a PC and an analogue, digital or IP phone? Choose PICO hardware/software

Work using a PC/laptop with a softphone and headset? Choose Oygo call recording software

Work in an expanding team with PC’s and phones? Choose 957 call recording software

Replace existing analogue phone? Choose Featurephone 175 Single – our multi-featured call-recording phone

High-capacity solution with for any phone type? Choose Call Recorder Single

*If expansion of your team or business is likely in the near future an SME multi line/extension solution might be the best option. Please consult with us to ensure you achieve the best economy scale via our Enquiry Form or speak to Gemma on 0203 4881498

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