Call Recorder VoIP Official Introduction

Vidicode proudly presents the latest addition to the Call Recorder portfolio.

This newly developed solution fits perfectly into our range of call recording solutions for small or medium-sized businesses or small teams within larger organisations.   

The VoIP Call Recorder software automatically records your calls in the background without being active on the screen. When you want to listen to the recordings, you simply start the user interface, and any call can be found quickly and easily.    

The software allows you to set a time limit on how long calls will be stored, a valuable setting to save space and comply with privacy regulations. Furthermore, a special “sub-archive” function enables supervisors to import calls from other Call Recorder VoIP systems into their database, making the Call Recorder VoIP suitable for small and intermediate call centre’s.

Buy the VoIP recorder here or contact us for more details by calling 0203 4881498  

Updated May 2024