Are exorbitant mobile phone roaming charges affecting your business?

7 reasons to chose Vidicode UK for mobile phone roaming outside the EU

Exorbitant mobile phone roaming charges can significantly impact a business’s bottom line when employees travel to non-EU countries.

With international travel becoming more common and remote work gaining popularity, it’s crucial to be aware of these costs and find ways to control them.

Some carriers take 24 to 48 hours to inform you of the cost, but the bill could be enormous by then!

In some cases, we’ve heard up to £5000 from companies in the finance sector!

Imagine if it is the weekend…how do you reach someone to stop the data roaming?

The solution might be to set a strict data usage limit for each employee when they travel and ensure they know the charges for exceeding it.

But do you really want to take that kind of risk?

Vidicode UK has developed a SIM card-based mobile phone call recording solution with a mobile billing platform.

An added feature of the billing platform allows clients or our partner resellers to enable or disable data roaming, SMS and/or voice as and when required.

Users on our mobile call recording platform, can simply disable/enable the roaming option.

Specifically, but not exclusively aimed at FSA-regulated companies the mobile phone recording solution is secure and includes the following:

  • Uses the phone’s native dialler.
  • Automatic recording of all calls made and received.
  • No requirement to change the existing mobile phone number.
  • Uses the Vidicode UK Mobile SIM card* with competitive call rates.
  • It avoids installing insecure Applications (Apps) of unknown origin.
  • Lower set-up charges than other network-based mobile recording options.
  • Captures both SMS and voice calls.

*Requires a change of network but not phone number

*Control roaming charges which apply for travel outside of the EU