How will the 2025 telephone network switch off affect my call recording system?

The switch off of the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) scheduled for 2025 in the UK will affect devices such as analogue and ISDN call recording systems as they will no longer be compatible with the new IP-based telephone systems. These devices require a specific type of connection to the PSTN system to function properly.

Once all lines become IP-based, analogue devices will no longer work as they rely on a traditional phone line to capture and record calls. Similarly, ISDN call recording systems will also become obsolete as they require an ISDN connection to function. The new IP-based telephone systems use digital communication protocols that are not compatible with analogue or ISDN devices.

Businesses that rely on these call recording systems will need to upgrade their technology and switch to IP-based recording systems to continue operating efficiently. This may require new hardware and software, as well as potential changes to the network infrastructure.

Overall, the switch off of the PSTN in the UK will require businesses to adapt their technology to the new IP-based telephone systems, which will involve a significant investment in infrastructure and hardware. However, this change will provide newer and more advanced communication capabilities that can significantly improve business operations and customer experience.

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