Vidicode UK V-Mic: Professional Audio Recording Unit

V-Mic: Professional Audio Recording Unit 

Welcome to Vidicode UK’s V-Mic, an adaptable recording device crafted for effortless audio recording, whether using the built-in or an external microphone. With its user-friendly single-button operation, the V-Mic stands as a standalone device, complete with SD card support for hassle-free storage.  



Key Features of V-Mic:

  • Ideal for banks, clinics, or municipalities, or any interview room 
  • Eliminating intricate wired systems 
  • Exceptional audio recording quality 
  • Streamlined one-button operation for ease of use 
  • Standalone functionality with SD card support 
  • Network-enabled for seamless connectivity 
  • Robust encryption ensures data protection 

V-Archive Software: Unlocking Advanced Features 

Discover the extensive capabilities of the V-Archive application, designed to elevate your recording experience when used with the V-Mic. 

Key Features of V-Archive Software: 

Comprehensive Database and Search Functionality: 

  • Effortlessly navigate through a detailed database with a robust search function 
  • Record properties such as date, time, duration, direction, and telephone number are conveniently displayed in corresponding columns 
  • Easily sort recordings based on properties by clicking on the column header 

Versatile Recording File Storage: 

  • Recording files (.wav) are stored in the widely compatible GSM or G.711 format 
  • Play these files on almost any PC, facilitating seamless sharing with others 

Enhanced Recording Management: 

  • Attach names to specific telephone numbers for quick identification 
  • Add notes to recordings, improving organization and information retention 

Interconnected Database: 

  • Share the database seamlessly with other Vidicode UK products, including Call Recorder Pico and Call Recorder Oygo 

Intuitive Playback Key Functions: 

  • A: Move the playback position backward. 
  • B: Start or pause playback of the currently selected recording. 
  • C: Stop playback for convenient control. 
  • D: Move the playback position forward. 
  • E: Access detailed information about the current playback or recording, with the option to navigate using the progress bar. 
  • F: Control playback volume effortlessly.
    V-mic playback

Contained in the box: 

  • V-Mic unit
  • USB cable
  • LAN cable
  • SD card
  • Quick Guide

E-mail to download the E manual and V-Archive Software 

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg

Product: V-Mic

Article Number: 040.04040

Records: audio from built-in or external microphone

SD-card slot: yes, storage of recordings in .WAV format.

Power: via PoE, DC plug, or USB

Power Consumption: 2W maximal


Wi-Fi: 2.4GHz band (certified FCC/CE/IC/TELEC/KCC/SRRC/NCC)



USB: for programming and power supply function only

USB version: USB V2.0

USB connector: USB ‘B’ type

Built-in MIC

Type: Electret

Bandwidth: 4/8/16 KHz

• Balanced interfaced

• Phantom power has cascaded filtering for low noise

MIC1 jack (6.35mm)

Intended use: MONO balanced microphone

Connector: Female 1/4 INCH TRS (T=NEG , R=POS, S=Ground)

Input Sensitivity: 5-50mV (depends on setting)

Impedance: 6K8

Bandwidth: 4/8/16 KHz

Phantom Power: 48V / 20mA max, software controlled on/off

MIC2 jack (3.5mm)

Intended use: ordinary ‘PC’-style MONO Electret microphone

Connector: Female 3.5mm TRS (T=SIG , R=POW, S=Ground)

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