V Tap Analogue 2 Call Recorder


The Vidicode UK V-Tap analogue is ideal for small businesses:

The V-Tap Analogue 2 is ideal for businesses seeking reliable and straightforward analogue audio recording. Its ability to store recordings on an SD card and transfer data over the network ensures local and remote accessibility. The device’s compatibility with our Apresa enterprise system and V-Archive software further enhances its functionality, making it a comprehensive recording tool for various audio sources. 

Upgrade your audio recording system with the V-Tap Analog 2 and experience seamless, secure, and efficient call recording. The V-Tap Analog 2 offers a robust hardware and software solution for recording analogue audio. This versatile device can operate stand-alone, capturing audio from various sources including: 

  •     Analogue telephone lines 
  •     Telephone handsets 
  •     Microphones 
  •     Radio transceivers 
  •     Other audio sources 

Effortless Storage and Network Transfer 

SD Card Storage: An SD card (FAT32 formatted) is mandatory, providing ample storage capacity for weeks or even months of recordings, depending on the card size. 

Network Connectivity: The V-Tap Analog 2 connects via a network cable or Wi-Fi (when available) for flexible setup and data transfer. 

 Web Interface: Easy configuration through a web interface accessible from any browser, allowing users to adjust settings conveniently. 


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Vidicode V – Tap: Recording Without Compromise

Our #1 priority is you, the user. We believe in our product and hold ourselves to the highest standards. We truly care about your requirements, which is why we offer a range of tailored solutions suitable for every possible requirement. Whether you use TDM or IP. The V – Tap is the solution for you.


Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg

Reliable and effective. Record from 1 analogue line or extension.

Can be configured as a standalone recorder or as part of an enterprise networked Apresa solution.

For solutions that grow seamlessly with your business, look no further than the V – Tap recording range. Record from a single extension or multiple sites

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