ICO and GDPR Call Recording Compliance

The old Data Protection Act was replaced on 25th May 2018 with new Europe wide regulation called General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

There are 6 lawful bases to process and retain customer data which includes call recordings, cited by the Information Commissioners Office (ICO). Companies will have to decide and justify which of these bases they use. These include Consent, Legitimate Interest, Contract, Legal Obligation, Vital Interests and Public Task.

Everton Stuart of Vidicode UK and VoiceCrunch says, ‘Along with MiFIDII regulations in the finance industry and PCI DSS for credit card security, GDPR represents a challenge for existing call recording system owners due to the right to be forgotten, refusal of consent, right to portability and the customer’s right to see their data/calls’.

These ‘rights’ make it essential to find all recordings within one month for GDPR compliance. Many current recording systems will only search by time, date, via Incoming CLI (Calling Line Identity) and possibly by some form of call marking.

The Apresa Call Recording system from Vidicode UK offers call marking and screen recording as standard which is ideal for rapid find and retrieval of calls under the GDPR right to be forgotten.

The Apresa System also has a stop recording feature. If a customer decides at the point of contact or during a call that their legitimate interest is being overridden by the call being recorded the call recording can be stopped. An example of this might be where a call is being recorded for training purposes which benefits the company and not the customer. The Apresa will also stop any future recordings of that customer.

There are many clear benefits in choosing the Vidicode UK to assist with GDPR compliance even if an existing call recording system is being used because we offer a phrase and word matching solution through our sister company VoiceCrunch. VoiceCrunch is a voice analytics platform that finds recorded calls identified by using words and phrases as chosen by the user.

The Apresa call recording solution is available for trunk or extension recording of N3, SIP/VoIP, ISDN II, SIPREC E1/T1, TDM, Analogue and Audio (e.g. radio) communication and available on premise, hosted, virtualised or OEM.