What is VoIP-Questions and Answers 

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is one of the cornerstones of any Unified Communications system (UC), enabling contact through audio, video, or text. VoIP works by converting your voice from audio signals into digital data transmitted rapidly to another user or group of users via ethernet or Wi-Fi over a Broadband connection.  

VoIP is not just a technology; it is a part of our daily communication. You use VoIP whenever you use your computer, tablet, or smartphone to make a video call on popular applications like WhatsApp, Facetime, and Microsoft Teams.  

If you have a reliable Broadband connection, VoIP allows you to make and receive calls using desktop apps or a web browser. 

What do typical VoIP devices look like? 

A VoIP phone looks like a traditional hardwired or cordless telephone with a keypad, handset, and optional features like speed dials, LCD, and HD-quality sound. VoIP phones can also provide call conferencing, call transfer, and sometimes video. Typically, this type of phone can toggle between current, incoming, and waiting calls. It is also possible to move a VoIP phone from the office to home or another location to accommodate the increasing mobility of today’s workforce.  

Can calls be recorded from a VoIP phone? 

For individual users in the office or home, real-time call recording is possible by tapping into the curly handset cord (which is always analogue). The Vidicode UK PICO connects the handset and PC to store calls directly to an individual PC.  

Our Call Recorder Single II is a larger desktop device that stores calls to a removable SD card. Users can view calls on supplied software or transfer calls over a network. 

For expandability, the Call Recorder VoIP comes with a license for one VoIP phone(channel) with the option for up to four, making it ideal for small expanding teams. For a similar solution with removable storage, see the V-Tap VoIP. 

Our enterprise Apresa VoIP call recording solution is the best option for multi-channel recording across a department or entire business and can accommodate SIP trunk call recording or SIP extension recording for a more selective and cost-effective option 

Many users prefer the flexibility of a softphone.   

Increasingly, VoIP solutions use a softphone, which is not a physical device, but software installed on a PC, laptop, or portable device. A softphone has a dashboard with a dial pad that looks like a traditional phone keypad. Users can make and receive calls via their computer or mobile device, utilising the built-in webcam, microphone, and speaker. Where a PC is older or audio/visual quality is lacking, using a separate headset and webcam will enhance the quality of VoIP calls.   

With the ever-increasing demand to switch rapidly between home and office working, the days of the old phone system box on the wall and hardwired desk devices are numbered. VoIP offers far greater flexibility to accommodate mobile and hybrid working and scale your business up or down without physical limitations or engineering visits.  

Can VoIP calls be recorded from a softphone? 

Our OYGO software is the lowest-cost option for remote call recording for home workers or solo users a softphone or headset with a softphone. 

Several options are available for multiple users, ranging from the Vidicode UK V-Tap VoIP recorder to the Apresa voice recording system on-premises or in the cloud. 

Where Microsoft Teams is the telephony solution in an organisation, individual Teams phone users or multiple software users can be recorded in the ways described above.  

Visit our Microsoft Teams page to learn about compliance with FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) regulations when recording Teams calls. 

How does VoIP assist a mobile workforce?  

Adopting business VoIP will bring your company and customers closer together. Employees are no longer restricted to a desk, a single device, and set working times. Using VoIP on any device for voice calls, video meetings, and chat means employees can split their time between home and the office during flexible hours.   

Customers benefit from improved engagement, enhanced service, and speed of response, while employees become more productive and better able to balance their personal and work demands.  

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