Capture and Forward Your VoIP Calls with V-Tap VoIP

The V-Tap VoIP is a comprehensive hardware and software solution for recording telephone calls transported over an IP network. This innovative device filters network traffic, encapsulates the sniffed data into a unique tunnel format, and stores it on an SD card, enabling it to operate as a standalone unit. The captured data can then be transmitted over the network to an external server for further processing. 

Seamless Integration and Versatile Functionality 

By default, the V-Tap VoIP functions as a standard switch, providing four Ethernet ports. This configuration allows for the direct connection of up to three VoIP phones, with an additional port available for network connection. For scenarios requiring recording more than three phones, the output of another switch can be connected. Additionally, VoIP phones can include softphones running on a PC, with recording achieved through the PC’s network being routed through the V-Tap VoIP. 

Efficient Data Handling and Storage 

The V-Tap VoIP offers flexible data handling options: 

  • With SD Card: Stores sniffed data as files on the card, with the option to send data over the network or read files later using V-Archive software. 
  • Without SD Card: Sends sniffed data live over the network to the Apresa recorder or V-Archive software. 

Utilising an SD card formatted with FAT32, the V-Tap VoIP can operate independently, storing data for weeks or months, depending on the card’s capacity. This makes it a reliable solution for long-term call recording needs. 

Advanced Features and Easy Access 

  • Web Interface: Access internal settings through any web browser. 
  • High-Speed Ports: Equipped with 100 Mbps Ethernet ports. 
  • Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Compatibility: Ports PHONE2 and PHONE3 support PoE loops (V-Tap does not generate PoE). 

Quick Guide


The V-Tap VoIP is essential for capturing and forwarding VoIP telephony data. It offers robust functionality, whether operating as a standalone unit or integrated into a broader network setup. Its versatile connectivity options and efficient data handling capabilities ensure that your telephone recordings are securely stored and readily accessible. 

Contact us today for more information on how V-Tap VoIP can enhance your call recording solutions. 

Additional information

Box Contents and Support

The V-Tap VoIP package includes:

V-Tap VoIP unit

USB adapter

USB cable

LAN cable

SD card

1-year Support & Update license (S&U)